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Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!

Champagne and barbecue is a sizzling match

Summer has arrived and warm, sunny days leave us daydreaming about joyful outdoor pleasures: light-hearted garden parties, spontaneous bike tours, creative picnics, extended days by the sea, and most of all: barbecues, the smoky-savory happy hours of summer when we bring friends and family… Continue Reading “Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!”

A Champagne Breakfast for Mother’s Day

Champagne breakfast table for Mother's Day

Some say Mother’s Day is nothing but a commercial invention, and others embrace the occasion to celebrate their mothers with a festive day. Fact is: all mothers deserve to be honored for the unconditional love, care, and attention they bless us with, and Mother’s… Continue Reading “A Champagne Breakfast for Mother’s Day”

A rosé biscuit from Reims to accompany your glass of champagne ?

In any occasion, our Envie de Champagne comes with a desire of a special sweet, a speciality of Champagne : the Rose Biscuit de Reims. This rose rectangle finds its origin in 1690, when bakers from the city of Reims used to make use of… Continue Reading “A rosé biscuit from Reims to accompany your glass of champagne ?”

In May… Drink Champagne !

Spring has arrived with fruits and colored vegetables! End of the year celebrations and Christmas are not the only occasions to enjoy a bottle of champagne ! The e-magazine Envie de Champagne gives you some ideas for season’s products and champagne pairings. If there’s a… Continue Reading “In May… Drink Champagne !”

Champagne and Barbecue, the unexpected combination!

With the sunny days, we can not help looking forward aperitifs with friends but also barbecues. For you the only drinks in a barbecue are beer or wine? Today, we take the gamble, certainly ambitious, to show you that we can enjoy a good… Continue Reading “Champagne and Barbecue, the unexpected combination!”

Enjoy Champagne during your meal

Champagne during your whole meal

In the same way as wine, there are different types of champagne: Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Rosé …. It is possible to drink only champagne throughout a meal. You just have to choose the right type of champagne depending on the… Continue Reading “Enjoy Champagne during your meal”

Chocolate and Champagne : enjoy them together

As you prepare for the Easter holidays, most of us will taste the famous chocolate eggs. They are the main symbol of the Easter season for both children and adults. They will surely want to taste champagne with their chocolates. This marriage can shock… Continue Reading “Chocolate and Champagne : enjoy them together”

Champagne for a wedding

Champagne for a wedding

Are you going to get married soon? Congratulations! Your union will surely be an opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends, the love that surrounds you. And who says celebration, says inevitably, champagne! We will guide you in choosing this exceptional drink for the… Continue Reading “Champagne for a wedding”