Chocolate and Champagne : enjoy them together

As you prepare for the Easter holidays, most of us will taste the famous chocolate eggs. They are the main symbol of the Easter season for both children and adults. They will surely want to taste champagne with their chocolates. This marriage can shock or surprise. And yet … if we choose the right champagne, we can only enjoy this marriage.

Which champagne choose with dark chocolate

By nature, dark chocolate is very concentrated in cocoa, so it has a certain bitterness that emerges. It is therefore likely to kill the bitterness of champagne and its bubbles. We do not give up the idea of ​​enjoying a good glass of champagne to celebrate our successful egg hunt.

For a dark chocolate, up to 50% of cocoa, your choice should be on a champagne whose sweetness will counterbalance the bitterness of chocolate. Thus, the saying that “opposites attract” will be verified. This right balance of taste will delight you.

You will have to choose from a semi-dry “demi-sec” champagne that is the sweetest champagne. It’s the best way to enjoy the bitter sweet flavors of chocolate.

Chocolate Milk and champagne 

Chocolate and champagne have one thing in common: there are several types … Chocolate, black, extra-dark, milk, white, filled, praline … and much more. In both cases, the goal is to enjoy tasting them by varying the pleasures. Chocolate milk is sweeter than black.

It can therefore easily be enjoyed with champagne. Why not try a bleeding rosé with your milk chocolate. Although it may seem surprising, this alliance will delight your taste buds. This type of “rosé” is obtained after a maceration of the grape juice and the skin of the latter before pressing. This particular salmon color and its fruity aromas are the result of a very specific grappe extraction time. Only a few houses of champagne make this type of champagne. So, the Easter period could be a good time to discover “Rosé de saignée” champagne with milk chocolate (whether it is rabbit, bell or hens) for a surprising and tasty moment.

Champagne and dessert

Easter celebrations are associated to chocolate egg hunt but also with a family meal to share. You will have the opportunity to enjoy this meal and finish it perfectly with a dessert and a flute of champagne. Once again, be sure to choose the right kind of champagne. After this good choice the flavors will be sublimated and not canceled each other out. Isn’t it the key to any good marriage?
Above, we recommend the “semi-sec” champagne to enjoy with chocolate. There is another beautiful alliance between champagne and greedy dessert.
If you appreciate red fruits, rosé champagne will be a must to treat your taste buds and your eyes.We hope that you will enjoy share chocolate and champagne, and we wish you an excellent Easter.


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