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Checklist for a Stress-Free and Sparkling Champagne Christmas

a festive christmas table with champagne

These days, gourmets are busy writing grocery shopping lists for the last days leading up to Christmas, and culinary chatter about recipes and menus can be heard all around.  Some of us are already busy in the kitchen preparing food for the delicious meals… Continue Reading “Checklist for a Stress-Free and Sparkling Champagne Christmas”

Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!

Champagne and barbecue is a sizzling match

Summer has arrived and warm, sunny days leave us daydreaming about joyful outdoor pleasures: light-hearted garden parties, spontaneous bike tours, creative picnics, extended days by the sea, and most of all: barbecues, the smoky-savory happy hours of summer when we bring friends and family… Continue Reading “Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!”