In May… Drink Champagne !

Spring has arrived with fruits and colored vegetables! End of the year celebrations and Christmas are not the only occasions to enjoy a bottle of champagne ! The e-magazine Envie de Champagne gives you some ideas for season’s products and champagne pairings.

If there’s a fruit that embodies the most spring season, it’s strawberries ! A little red fruit which is delicious with a dry of half-dry champagne in order to maintain a nice harmony. Our choice is the « Cuvée des moines sec », gourmand and very charming cuvée from Maison Besserat de Bellefon, or the « Sublime réserve 2008 » from Maison Philipponnat, which keeps the emblematic roundess of old Chardonnays despite being 12 years old. Choosing a rosé champagne is also a smart choice, alike Rosé extra from Maison Jean-Noël Haton. The palate is sharp, structured with Pinot Noir, and perfectly balanced with a silky freshness, just the perfect match with our beautiful spring fruit.

The month of May is still the season of apples. There’s anything best than enjoying an Extra-Brut champagne with an apple tart sprinkled with a touch of cinammon and a hint of lemon. It’s simple, light and a champagne enhances the whole fruit sensation. We recommend the Cuvée Extra-Brut from Maison Irroy, a sharp and gourmand cuvée !

Half fruit and half vegetable, tomato is characterized by its acidity, and it arrives on our plates by the end of April, begining of May. A Blanc de Blancs champagne, or a Chardonnay dominancy cuvée or young non-vintage Brut is more appropriate. The 3 stars Chef Alain Passard from the Arpège restaurant in Paris suggests an original pairing with cuvée « Carte d’Or» which is elaborated with 80% Pinot Noir, from Maison Drappier. This cuvée reveals a direct and energetic attack, with dried nuts and riped fruits aromas, which bring a real energy to tomato!

Regarding vegetables, carrot is still available on May’s street markets. There’s nothing best than a mash of carrot (in example with scallops) with a rosé champagne containing a bit of Pinot, this slightly tinted red grape which is delicious.

Philippe Mille, 2 stars Chef of the Parc, gastronomic restaurant of the Domaine des Crayères in Reims, recommends a season’s cauliflower cream, slightly smoked, to accompany a champagne from Maison Roederer, especially the cuvée Cristal « to maintain the iodine aroma on the palate ».


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