Enjoy Champagne during your meal

Champagne during your whole meal

In the same way as wine, there are different types of champagne: Brut, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Rosé …. It is possible to drink only champagne throughout a meal. You just have to choose the right type of champagne depending on the dish. Party time or special guests? You have got all the reasons to satisfy your desires of champagne.

Champagne and aperitif

It is essentially at this moment that a bottle of champagne is opened. It is the most festive of ways to welcome guests with a blanc de blancs champagne with or without vintage.
Blanc de blancs champagne is made from white grapes, mainly the Chardonnay grape or, more rarely, from forgotten grape varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Petit Meslier and Arbane. The great delicacy that characterizes white champagnes makes it the perfect companion for an aperitif. It will undoubtedly awaken your taste buds for the future.

Champagne with your starter meal

Once the appetizer is finished, you will start your meal with as starter. To accompany a beautiful “foie gras” for example, a sweet champagne will be perfect, that is to say demi-sec champagne. It is a sweeter champagne than the classic one. It contains between 32 and 50 grams of sugar per liter. It will sublimate the flavor of your “foie gras”.
If you choose seafood as a starter, it is best to continue with a blanc de blancs champagne that your have been enjoying since your arrival. Or, you can assume the choice, to discover an extra-brut champagne. Unlike semi-dry Champagne, Extra-Brut champagne is low in sugar (less than 6 grams of sugar per liter) and will be able to enhance the seafood flavors of iodized seafood.

Champagne during the meal

Now, the main dish: several options are available to you according to the menu. Here are our tips from gourmet enthusiasts:

  • You taste a poultry: you can taste a champagne blanc de noir. These are champagnes made from black grapes. More powerful, they accompany wonderfully this type of food.
  • with sushi: this must-have for culinary travelers goes very well with a champagne white of white, preferably little dosed. Just make sure to limit the use of soy sauce and wasabi which are very powerful.
  • with fish (cooked or as sashimi): once again, we find the blanc de blancs champagne. Some types of champagne with thin bubbles will marry very well with the tender flesh of the fish, as for example the Brut Champagne 2012 of the Deutz house of champagne.

Champagne and dessert

The end of the meal has arrived, and the sugar lovers are waiting dessert. It is harder to sublimate the dessert with champagne but we can still make lovely associations.
Your heart beats for chocolate desserts? Without hesitation, enjoy it with a demi-sec champagne. It’s the sweetest type of champagne we mentioned above.
As for lovers of desserts based on red fruits, we invite you to enjoy them with rosé champagne. They marry each other to perfection. Many cocktails have also offered this alliance of flavors.

To sum up, it is the choice of your menu that will condition the type of champagne you will enjoy. And as we have shown you, you can totally have a champagne during your whole meal! Now it’s up to you to test it… Bon appétit!

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