Champagne for a wedding

Champagne for a wedding

Are you going to get married soon? Congratulations! Your union will surely be an opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends, the love that surrounds you. And who says celebration, says inevitably, champagne! We will guide you in choosing this exceptional drink for the best day of your life.

How many bottles of champagne for guests?

Before choosing the champagne that you will taste, you will foresee the amount of bottles you need for your guests .
As a general rule, a bottle of champagne corresponds to 6 to 8 champagne flute glasses. The delta corresponds to the different types of flutes (more or less large in capacity)
As for knowing how many bottles per person, it will be necessary to take into account at which time of the evening you wish to champagne. It is usually during the reception or cocktail and the dessert that the champagne is most requested by the guests. It’s usual to provide a bottle of champagne for 2 to 3 people, as there are two flutes for the arrival cocktail and a flute for dessert. Thus, if your wedding has 50 adult guests, plan about twenty bottles. It is up to you to calculate the number of bottles needed according to the number of guests and the different drinks that you will propose to your guests throughout the evening.

Champagne in classic bottles or in bigger bottle (as magnum)

We have just told you how many bottles are needed per person. To optimize your budget you ask yourself the legitimate question of the container. Is it more advantageous to buy 75cl bottles or large containers? 2 bottles of 75cl or a magnum (1.5l) of champagne for example? Given that a magnum is equivalent to 2 bottles, we can think that it will be more advantageous in terms of price. Well that is not always the case because the cost of production of large containers is higher than that of conventional bottles.

Before slicing for conventional bottles or large containers, why not mix your champagne bottles? You can choose classic bottles in larger quantities and some large containers like magnums (1.5 liters), jeroboams (3 liters) or even a mathusalem (6 liters). A large container to start the party or conclude the meal will be remembered by your guests ! After all, it’s the best day of your life!  

A big bottle of champagne will be the exceptional witness of this special day. You can keep it at home after tasting. Isn’t it a pleasant memory?
We advise you to mix the containers in your order of champagne, to vary the pleasures while being serene as for your budget.

Champagne for the party after the wedding

As some of your wedding guests will be coming from far away, it’s quite likely that you will have a meal with them, the day after the wedding. We have just mentioned the bottles of champagne. If you opened it the day before, it is possible to finish your champagne the next day, after taking care to close the bottle with a suitable cap. There are indeed special hermetic corks for champagne. They help to delay the leakage of bubbles. You can easily drink it the next day. Usually,  a champagne is preserved between 48 and 72 hours.So you can keep celebrating your wedding, without forgetting to drink with moderation.


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