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House of Champagne Chartogne-Taillet

The House Chartogne Taillet is located in Merfy 8km from Reims. This farm has evolved over the years (and generations) and promises us a good moment of tastings. We invite you to discover this champagne house and its owner: Alexandre Chartogne. History of the… Continue Reading “House of Champagne Chartogne-Taillet”

The best glass to drink your champagne

All champagne lovers has been asking themselves this question at least once: what is the best glass to drink champagne? The answer to this question deserves your attention because it is a question of making the most of the aromas and flavors of your… Continue Reading “The best glass to drink your champagne”

EPC : the new digital champagne

Discover EPC: a new brand of champagne with clearly stated ambition: to become the 25-35 year old champagne. Presented in Paris on June 11 of 2019, the brand has created a real partnership with many winemakers, under the leadership of Richard Dailly, EPC cellar… Continue Reading “EPC : the new digital champagne”

Champagne De Venoge: “Princes Tour Eiffel”

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the World Exhibition, the Champagne House of De Venoge offers us a special cuvée dedicated to the Eiffel Tower, in limited edition. De Venoge champagne and the Eiffel Tower The Maison De Venoge was founded in… Continue Reading “Champagne De Venoge: “Princes Tour Eiffel””

Dosage for champagne

The “dosage” is the last step in the complex elaboration of champagne. After resting for at least 18 months in the cellar, each bottle will be placed vertically, the neck down so that the deposit is concentrated in the neck. Thus, each bottle can… Continue Reading “Dosage for champagne”

Drink your champagne on ice

Champagne à déguster avec des glaçons

The beautiful days have arrived we will soon be able to relax by a pool with champagne. Yes, but with what champagne? As usual, each of us has got is own favorite way to drink champagne. If when you think about it, your first… Continue Reading “Drink your champagne on ice”

Champagne for a wedding

Champagne for a wedding

Are you going to get married soon? Congratulations! Your union will surely be an opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends, the love that surrounds you. And who says celebration, says inevitably, champagne! We will guide you in choosing this exceptional drink for the… Continue Reading “Champagne for a wedding”