House of Champagne Chartogne-Taillet

The House Chartogne Taillet is located in Merfy 8km from Reims. This farm has evolved over the years (and generations) and promises us a good moment of tastings. We invite you to discover this champagne house and its owner: Alexandre Chartogne.

History of the House Chartogne-Taillet

The territory of the village of Merfy is exceptionally well located on the southern slope of the Massif Saint-Thierry. Fiacre Taillet (1548-1576) was a winemaker in the same village during the 15th century. The tradition of wine in this family goes back to this time. His descendants: Fiacre, Laurent and Antoine, will keep a register describing the conditions (geological, meteorological, political, cultural …) in which the harvests took place. These documents continue to refer and are now held by the archives of the town of Reims.

In 1870, Oscar Chartogne settles in Merfy and acquires its first vines. His granddaughter, Marie Chartogne, married Etienne Taillet in 1920. It is on this date that the two families will be linked.

The family tradition continues today with Philippe and Elisabeth. In 2006, their son Alexandre took over the operation to give it a new direction. He documents his ancestors and continues their work with his own personnality. For example, he continues to keep the famous register. It is a mine of invaluable information that he offers to its territory. The vineyard of the Chartogne-Taillet family extends over 11 hectares (the village has 45) composed of 4 grape varieties (chardonnay, pinot noir, pinot meunier and arbanne). Alexander works respecting the earth first and foremost.

Alexandre Chartogne: a champagne enthusiast

“The essential is in the leaf, the fruit, the soil and the subsoil respecting the environment”: Alexander clearly states his convictions. He has an huge confidence in nature and its soils. A first sandy layer, then clay and then sand. The finesse and minerality are there to express the vine. The champagne cuvées that he works do not contain chemicals and are close to biodynamics.

Alexandre gained experience with Anselme Selosse. For a year, he was able to share with this great name of champagne, his techniques but also his philosophy and values. He also relies on the accompaniment of Francis Boulard. As you can see, Alexander has a simple philosophy: let nature go. According to him, vines and soils are largely responsible for the quality of the wine. This passionate man loves his soil, he learns and evolves with respect and humility. We can only be pleased when we taste his champagnes. We do not resist the desire to present our two favorites.

The cuvées Saint-Anne and Chemin de Reims

The Sainte-Anne Brut cuvée from the Chartogne-Taillet House

St. Anne is the saint protectress of Merfy. This wine is a tribute to the terroir that gave birth to this champagne. This rich and powerful champagne reveals a pale color with light orange highlights. This non-vintage champagne, with fruity notes, is a blend this year of 50% Chardonnay, and 50% black grapes (mostly Pinot). The dosage makes it possible to re-balance the vigor of the bubbles without damaging the quality of the wine. Roundness, body and elegance are present. The Sainte-Anne cuvée of the Chartogne-Taillet House is a splendid Brut champagne!

The cuvée Chemin de Reims from the Chartogne-Taillet House

This wine has a pale color with yellow reflections towards the green. It is a Champagne with a majority of Chardonnay. This blanc de blancs extra brut champagne called Chemin de Reims (dosage of 4-5 grams of sugar / liter) is a gourmet champagne, ample and generous. 

We advise you to taste these champagnes created with a lot of talent. Indeed, the values ​​of Alexandre Chartogne are easy to find in the 8 cuvées he produces each year with passion and respect for the terroir of Merfy.

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