Champagne De Venoge: “Princes Tour Eiffel”

On the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the World Exhibition, the Champagne House of De Venoge offers us a special cuvée dedicated to the Eiffel Tower, in limited edition.

De Venoge champagne and the Eiffel Tower

The Maison De Venoge was founded in 1837 by Henri-Marc De Venoge. Innovation in the production and marketing of champagnes were the founding values ​​of this of champagne house, which won the Excellence Price in Philadelphia in 1876.

A few years later, in 1889, during the World Fair in Paris, the house became the partner of the event. This exhibition celebrated the centenary of the French Revolution and it is on this occasion that the Tower designed by Gustave Eiffel has been inaugurated. This monument, with a height of 312 meters during its construction can now 337 meters in 2019 following the installation of antennas. In addition to its cultural and tourist use, the Eiffel Tower is used as a transmitter for TV and radio programs.

The Eiffel Tower, object of discord at the time of its creation has become today the most visited paying monument of France. It has about 7 million visitors a year. It is also inseparable from the history of the French capital.

For the 130 years of this first collaboration, De Venoge signs a beautiful partnership with the company in charge of the exploitation of the iron lady ( surname of the Eiffel Tower). This collaboration is obvious because of  the common history of both parties but also because of the characteristic shape of the bottles of the Princes cuvée. This limited edition vintage is named “Cuvée Princes Tour Eiffel”. Only 10,000 bottles have been marketed for this partnership.

The Princes cuvée of Maison De Venoge

The cuvée des Princes was born in 1864 and was created by Joseph De Venoge (son of Henri Marc). The House of Champagne De Venoge thus revives this sublime Cuvée des Princes in tribute to the Princes from Orange. This bottle has an atypical form that can be found in two other cuvées of the house: the Grand Vin des Princes and the Cuvée Louis XV. Elegance and refinement are reunited in those champagnes which were the reference of the European aristocracy.

The vintage “Princes Tour Eiffel” is a brut champagne (the dosage is 6 gr per liter) produced in limited edition. The bottle has the form of the vintage Princes of the house of champagne De Venoge. All details have been treat because even the collar of the bottle has been personalized in the colors of this wine. There are 6 models of wirewires to celebrate this 130th birthday. Their midnight blue and cream colors illustrate the festive and elegant side of this anniversary. These wirewires were assigned to the 10,000 bottles produced randomly.

This rare champagne Princes Tour Eiffel promises an exceptional tasting. Derived from the meticulous blend of Pinot Noir (one-third), Chardonnay (one-third) and Pinot Meunier (one-third), it is distinguished by its light and plentiful foam. It then gives way to a floral and persistent mouth. This champagne will be the perfect companion for a festive aperitif.

So, want to be the lucky holder of one of these rare bottles created on the occasion of the 130th anniversary of the world exhibition? You can get the Princes Tour Eiffel champagne here for a budget of 70 euros.


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