Jacquesson House of Champagne and their famous “lieu-dit cuvées”

Champagne lovers know the now unavoidable Maison Jacquesson whose qualitative production is a constant goal. If you are a future champagne lover, we invite you to discover this house of champagne carried by two brothers which only aim is the excellence of champagne.

The Jacquesson House of Champagne

Created in 1798 by Claude and Memmie Jacquesson, the Jacquesson house of Champagne, which will become Jacquesson and his son, has always been a family business. Memmie’s son (Alphonse) will later join the house and develop techniques of production and sales. It’s Alphonse who created the muselet in wire which surrounds the stopper and the capsule on the bottle of champagne. At that time, the house will be particularly famous for the fact that this champagne was the favorite of Napoleon 1st.

But it’s in 1974 that the House will experience a new boom with its purchase by Jean Chiquet. Today, his two sons, Jean-Hervé and Laurent Chiquet, run the house and do everything to offer us champagnes of very high quality, champagnes that reveal the most sincere expression of a land of production, with a production voluntarily limited to about 300 000 bottles a year (count less than 10 000 bottles for each vintage of “lieux dits” types).

Jacquesson produces the famous 700 cuvées which is the only cuvées of the house resulting from the assembly. These same wines are also proposed at the end of disgorgement. But we have chosen to make you discover here the fabulous and very rare parceled vintages: the “Lieux-dits”. They are four and each of them propose a specific terroir.

Lieux-dit cuvée of Jacquesson House of champagne : Dizy

Dizy – Terres Rouges. The most recently marketed in 2019 is the 2011 vintage. It is a rosé de saignée champagne. This cuvee which counts only 6140 bottles will be able only to charm you. It comes from a place called “Terres Rouges” down the hillside of Dizy: they are the best red (50% Pinots Noirs and 50% Pinots Meuniers). The Dizy Terres Rouges cuvée has a red dress typical of rosée de saignée champagne. The color it owes to the maceration of the grapes. It is a champagne with beautiful vinosity, a champagne of gastronomy, whose tasting remains confidential. It’s a unique experience. It is available in bottle and magnum for the lucky ones (only 250 were produced).

Dizy – Corne Bautray. The most recently marketed in 2019 is the extraordinary vintage 2008. This parcel cuvée reveals an exceptional “blanc de blancs” champagne. This “lieux-dit” called “Corne Bautray” is oriented south-west and the plot from which this champagne is derived has an area of ​​one hectare. It is a “blanc de blancs” of 100% chardonnay , without dosage and vinified during 9 months in oak barrel. This type of vinification as got the main objective of developing particularly the wine aromas. Only 5488 bottles and 304 magnums of the 2008 vintage were produced.

Lieux-dit cuvée of Jacquesson House of champagne: Avize and Aÿ

Avize – Champ Cain: This blanc de blancs (only made from Chardonnay) comes from the locality Champ Cain, whose plot is located in Avize. With an area of ​​1.30 hectares, it is ideally facing south, with drainage and sunshine. These cuvées are vinified in oak barrels and are always produced in very limited quantities. There are only 8296 bottles and 402 magnums of the vintage Avize Champ Cain of the great 2008 vintage. It is a mineral wine, pure and of a great delicacy …

Aÿ – Vauzelle Terme: It is a “blanc de noirs” champagne composed of 100% Pinot Noir, from the very small plot of 30 ares in Vauzelle locality, in Aÿ. It is south facing and has an ideal sunshine. Vinified in lightning, and very little dosed ( brut champagne), this champagne Aÿ – Vauzelle Terme is astonishing of power and amplitude. Only 2652 bottles and 198 magnums from the great 2008 vintage were produced …

Rosé, blanc de blancs, blancs de noirs … The “Lieux-dits” collection of the Jacquesson House of champagne offers us an exceptional panorama of very specific soils, and thus ch champagnes are hard to find but you may find them here. So want to try a Jacquesson champagne ?

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