EPC : the new digital champagne

Discover EPC: a new brand of champagne with clearly stated ambition: to become the 25-35 year old champagne. Presented in Paris on June 11 of 2019, the brand has created a real partnership with many winemakers, under the leadership of Richard Dailly, EPC cellar manager, to produce its champagnes.

Edouard Roy (winemaker’s son and grandson) and Jérôme Queige (former sales director of Maison Jacquart), the co-founders of the brand, wish to enhance and modernize the Champagne terroir.

EPC and its 100% Chardonnay vines

In order to make its champagne accessible to as many people as possible, EPC wants to simplify the offer, from production to marketing.

It is the partner winemakers who will produce the champagne EPC. They are 90 so far, to have joined the brand. The idea is no longer to sell their production to champagne houses but to transform it directly, optimizing their resources and exploitation. 3 champagnes are marketed permanently:

  • EPC Blanc de Blancs Brut, coming from the Sézannais hillsides
  • EPC Blanc de Blancs Extra-brut also coming from the Sézannais hillsides
  • EPC Rosé from the Terroir de Vertus

An ephemeral collection will also be available with, four times a year, a limited edition of Blancs de Blancs.

At EPC, nothing is mixed, neither the terroirs, nor the years, nor the grape varieties (always 100% Chardonnay). These “monocépage” vintage allows us to easily trace the origin of the champagne. Another particularity, these champagnes are less dosed, and contains very little sulphite.

EPC champagne  brand can easily be drunk under all circumstances. This simplicity is also found in the glass they offer to enjoy champagne: blida.

Drink champagne in a blida

With EPC, exit the traditional champagne flute. It can shake up your certainty but it’s the blida they want to bring back to the taste of the day! You do not know what it is, do not panic, we explain. Blida is a traditional champagne glass that was used for festive events: weddings, baptism; Communion. Its capacity is about 10 cl (a little less than a champagne flute), it is robust, practical, stackable. You can share a bottle up to 8 people. You will understand, the conviviality is with go with the blida!

EPC: Technology serving champagne

The EPC brand also innovates in terms of technology. The tasting experience is guided by the brand. The counter label of the bottle has a thermosensitive pellet, whose color changes to indicate that the champagne is at the right temperature to be tasted. A good introduction to the topic that does not miss a crucial step in the tasting: the right temperature! EPC also promises to guide its consumers with a connected label that gives voice to wine … We will tell you more soon on this novelty that promises to make even more fun tasting your blida.

As you can see, with the simplicity of the offer (a unique price for its “permanent” bottles), the connected bottle, the return of blida, EPC wants to dust off the image of champagne to reach a younger clientele. And what budget is needed to buy a connected bottle? Count a little less than 30 euros for permanent wines and a little less than 40 euros for limited editions.

So, tempted by the tasting of a champagne EPC blida?


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