Drink your champagne on ice

Champagne à déguster avec des glaçons

The beautiful days have arrived we will soon be able to relax by a pool with champagne. Yes, but with what champagne? As usual, each of us has got is own favorite way to drink champagne. If when you think about it, your first thought was to imagines a flute of Blanc de Blancs champagne, those last years there is a real success of sweeter cuvées and specially created to be enjoyed with ice cubes. Yes, yes, you read well, with ice cubes! Scandalous or tempting? Up to you to choose. 

We talk about champagne and mixology, but what is it?

The term mixology simply comes from the term: mix. The goal is to develop champagnes that are intended to be mixed with another ingredient, such as fruit or mint leaves and accompanied by ice cubes to create a champagne cocktail.

Faced with the growth in demand, some champagne houses have been innovative and have created cuvées for this type of tasting. The common point of these champagnes is to be much sweeter than a classic brut champagne . The right balance is reached precisely in contact with ice (unlike the classic champagnes whose effect of ice is devastating).

These are champagnes dosed (between 25 and 45 grams of sugar / liter depending on houses and cuvées). If you buy the right champagne, it’s no longer an horrible mistake to taste it with ice cubes.

Drink champagne with ice cubes, instructions for use

The only recommendation that is made to consume this type of champagne is to leave your traditional champagne flute glass and prefer drinking it in a wine glass. The tasting and the flavors will be optimal in this type of glass. 

The instructions for this tasting are relatively simple:

1 / Pour the ice cubes (3 big ice cubes are enough)
2 / Add an ingredient: it is recommended to add citrus fruits (like grapefruit or lime), or even pineapple. And for vegetable lovers, you can choose celery, pepper, or ginger.
3 / Pour your champagne, it’s ready to drink !

Champagnes served with ice cubes: which houses propose them?

Here is a selection for lovers of these champagnes or for the curious looking for new taste experiences …

  • Moët et Chandon: The Ice Impérial has the distinction of being the first champagne to be drunk with ice cubes of the brand. It is a fresh, fruity and intense champagne (dosage of 45g / liter). It exist in Brut and Rosé. That’s a good way to vary pleasures.
  • Veuve Cliquot: This house also offers this type of champagne in Brut and Rosé, this Cuvée is called Rich. With a sugar dosage of 45g / liter, it is a champagne with fresh, fruity and gourmet notes.
  • Lanson: White Label is a unique dry champagne: a vintage favoring Chardonnay for finesse and Pinot Noir for power. It should be noted that it is the cheapest of our selection.
  • Pommery: The Royal Bleu Sky is a traditional blend of Champagne, also high dosage to be enjoyed on ice.

So, want to let you surprise with these champagnes?

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