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Why is the Champagne cork shaped like a Mushroom?

« Champagne »… « Champignon »… Almost the same word in French! But there’s no relation at all between cork’s shape and its etymology! The role of the cork is essential; it’s the guardian of the quality of the wine. The corking must ensure the perfect sealing of… Continue Reading “Why is the Champagne cork shaped like a Mushroom?”

The concept of « Cru » in Champagne

What is a cru ? What is the difference between a « Champagne Premier Cru » and a « Champagne Grand Cru » ? Envie de Champ Mag helps you to understand this concept which is mentioned on each bottle of champagne. In Champagne,… Continue Reading “The concept of « Cru » in Champagne”

Champagne… A color ?

Gold, beige, sand, straw yellow, intense yellow… every shade of Champagne is visible. However, the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne is strict, the « Champagne » color doesn’t exist: « Wines of Champagne have indeed too many different shades to be able to create a word… Continue Reading “Champagne… A color ?”

2002, an exceptional vintage for Champagne


Every oenologists, Cellar Master and winemakers agree on one point: 2002 is the greatest vintage since 1996 in Champagne. The weather was fantastic and very solar on that particular year, with evenly warm seasons, without heat warm and a mild winter despite some frosts… Continue Reading “2002, an exceptional vintage for Champagne”

NM, RC, RM… Champagne’s mentions

On every bottle of champagne is written mentions and some words, among which the name of professional category who took care of the bottle. This indication is always represented by 2 letters followed by a registration number issued by the Comité Champagne (Champagne Comity),… Continue Reading “NM, RC, RM… Champagne’s mentions”

How to store your champagne at home?


Even if there’s always a good reason to enjoy champagne (found on Envie de Champagne!), it is also important to understand where to store your bottles before tasting. You will find below some interesting tips and advises: Store your bottles away from vibrations, far… Continue Reading “How to store your champagne at home?”

Bottle sizes of champagne for new year’s eve

Champagne Bottle size -Envie de Champ

The end of year celebrations are the time of year when we consume the most champagne. The party and the champagne are indissociable! When we are many, there is nothing more festive than opening a large container. From magnum to Melchizedech, there is bound… Continue Reading “Bottle sizes of champagne for new year’s eve”

Which champagne for your christmas meal ?

Which champagne for your christmas dinner _Envie de Champ

Chaammmmpppaaaaagnnnne! For any great festive occasion, champagne is the ultimate drink. The end of year festivities are therefore inseparable from this beverage with its golden and effervescent color. Champagne: the year-end meals star We know the aura of champagne, but how did we get… Continue Reading “Which champagne for your christmas meal ?”

Champagne gifts for christmas

Champagne gifts for christmas -Envie de Champ

Champagne is the essential drink of the end of the year festivities. It is always a great pleasure to meet around a champagne flute with family or friends. But have you ever thought of offering champagne? Most champagne houses offer beautiful boxes edited specially… Continue Reading “Champagne gifts for christmas”

Best Champagne Vintages

Best champagne vintages - Envie de Champ

The champagne production requires not only know-how, but also patience. The vintage of a champagne is a benchmark to appreciate the quality. We offer here a short guide to better understand the vintages of champagne. What is a vintage champagne? A vintage champagne is… Continue Reading “Best Champagne Vintages”