Bottle sizes of champagne for new year’s eve

Champagne Bottle size -Envie de Champ

The end of year celebrations are the time of year when we consume the most champagne. The party and the champagne are indissociable! When we are many, there is nothing more festive than opening a large container. From magnum to Melchizedech, there is bound to be a bottle for you.

Large containers of champagne

In smaller quantities, so there is less economy of scale in their production. Handling large containers is more difficult and requires more time. There are about fifteen containers of champagne. They range from small bottles of 20 cl up to 30 liters. The latter is equivalent to 40 bottles of standard champagne!(Remember that a standard bottle has a capacity of 75 cl).
Here is a summary of existing containers:

  • Quarter: 20 cl
  • Half: 37.5 cl (half of a standard bottle)
  • Bottle: 75cl (standard bottle)
  • Magnum: 150 cl (= 2 standard bottles)
  • Jeroboam: 300 cl (= 4 standard bottles)
  • Methuselah: 600 cl (= 8 standard bottles)
  • Salmanazar: 900 cl (= 12 standard bottles)
  • Balthazar: 1200 cl (= 16 standard bottles)
  • Nebuchadnezzar: 1500 cl (= 20 standard bottles)
  • Solomon: 1800 cl (= 24 standard bottles)
  • Primat: 2700 cl (= 36 standard bottles)
  • Melchisedech: 3000 cl (= 40 standard bottles)

Remember that these containers are for some very bulky and can weigh up to 55 kg. It is essential to be several to fill the flutes. If you want to keep the best champagne, it is the magnum that must be chosen (a capacity of 150 cl). Large containers are meant to be tasted in the year of purchase. It is also the Brut Champagnes without years that are sold mainly in large containers. Regarding the price, it should be noted that bottles in large containers are more expensive than standard bottles. For example a champagne jeroboam  that is equivalent to 4 bottles will always be more expensive than 4 times the price of the standard bottle.

This is due to several reasons:

  • Large containers are produced in smaller quantities, so there is less economy of scale in their production.
  • Handling large containers is more difficult and requires more time.

How to choose your champagne quantity for your new year’s Eve?

The evening of New Year’s Eve approaches and you wonder how many bottles of champagne you have to buy? You want to “mark the occasion” with a big container to say goodbye to the year that just passed? Here is a simple calculation that will allow you to anticipate what you need. And do not forget, there is never too much champagne, if you have left you can continue the party the next day … We must keep in mind that a traditional bottle can serve 6 to 7 flutes of champagne (depending on the capacity of the flute). We invite you to do this simple calculation according to the number of guests. It is always useful to also remember that we consume more champagne in the early evening than late evening where we have already finished the meal and drank during the aperitif and the meal. This is a parameter that can also guide you depending on when you want to open this large container. For example, if you buy a Jeroboam, you can serve between 24 and 28 flutes of champagne. And so on depending on the container chosen. Finally, if the large container allows an exceptional moment of sharing, once completed, the bottle is often kept in testimony of this great moment of celebration! We wish you an excellent new year’s Eve and do not forget to consume with moderation …

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