How to store your champagne at home?


Even if there’s always a good reason to enjoy champagne (found on Envie de Champagne!), it is also important to understand where to store your bottles before tasting. You will find below some interesting tips and advises:

  • Store your bottles away from vibrations, far from a washing machine, or a wall close to railways. Vibrations generate energy which can influence the aging process of the wine. Lay down the bottles, in order to avoid the cork cap to dry out, letting the gas escape.
  • Avoid every temperature gap. Your storage place temperature should be fresh and constant, between 10 and 12°C. This will preserve the cork from mold and its taste transmission to the wine. Avoid to store your bottles to close from strong-smelling things. The cap being porous, its purpose is to let the air pass through and therefore … the surrounding odors, such as petrol cans, spices, cleaning products, open paint bucket etc…
  • Store bottles away from day light. The « taste of light » is real, and is similar to cauliflower or rubber taste, which is really unpleasant. If you cannot store them in the dark, wrap them in aluminium foil
    and leave them in the delivery box.
  • Preferably choose the Magnum bottle size !  This larger size would guarantee a better balance between the air and the wine. The Magnum we told you about in a previous article (Large champagne bottles for the New Year celebration) reduces the air intake in the bottle and therefore allows a more harmonious aging.

If you respect these recommendations and advices, you will have the possibility to store your
champagne anywhere and above all… at home, keeping in mind that as greater the champagne’s
quality is, the greater its aging potential is! Enjoy!

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