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Best Champagne Vintages

Best champagne vintages - Envie de Champ

The champagne production requires not only know-how, but also patience. The vintage of a champagne is a benchmark to appreciate the quality. We offer here a short guide to better understand the vintages of champagne. What is a vintage champagne? A vintage champagne is… Continue Reading “Best Champagne Vintages”

Which is the best champagne guide book ?

best champagne guide book

Whether you are a champagne specialist or a simple bubble lover on special occasions, you have already had to consult a guide to make the right choice when you buy champagne. They are a guarantee of neutrality and authority when you have to choose… Continue Reading “Which is the best champagne guide book ?”

The best glass to drink your champagne

All champagne lovers has been asking themselves this question at least once: what is the best glass to drink champagne? The answer to this question deserves your attention because it is a question of making the most of the aromas and flavors of your… Continue Reading “The best glass to drink your champagne”

Jacquesson House of Champagne and their famous “lieu-dit cuvées”

Champagne lovers know the now unavoidable Maison Jacquesson whose qualitative production is a constant goal. If you are a future champagne lover, we invite you to discover this house of champagne carried by two brothers which only aim is the excellence of champagne. The… Continue Reading “Jacquesson House of Champagne and their famous “lieu-dit cuvées””

Dosage for champagne

The “dosage” is the last step in the complex elaboration of champagne. After resting for at least 18 months in the cellar, each bottle will be placed vertically, the neck down so that the deposit is concentrated in the neck. Thus, each bottle can… Continue Reading “Dosage for champagne”

Organic Champagne

Champagne Bio

As part of our consumption, we are more and more attentive to the culture of products that we have in our glasses and plates. Champagne doesn’t escape to this rule or consumption.  Difference between organic and traditional champagne  When we talk about organic champagne,… Continue Reading “Organic Champagne”