NM, RC, RM… Champagne’s mentions

On every bottle of champagne is written mentions and some words, among which the name of professional category who took care of the bottle. This indication is always represented by 2 letters followed by a registration number issued by the Comité Champagne (Champagne Comity), on a label’s corner and on the cap (R or N) of any bottle. Wear your glasses on, Envie de Champ is ready to give you every useful information regarding RC, RM, SR, ND, MA or even CM mentions.

Pictures: Château Loisel


Stands for Récoltant-Coopérateur, it means that the winegrower sells himself his champagne production, but not necessarily of its elaboration. He brings his grapes to the coopérative (a company that buys many winegrower’s production) who handles the vinification process with other wine producers). The Réclotant-Coopérateur collects his bottles before or after the disgorgement step and sells them under his own name. The champagne obtained does not necessarily reflect the particular character of a vine, it will undoubtedly be a little more common.

The disgorgement process will include an additional mention of the label. If the winemaker recovers his own bottles after disgorgement, the label must wear the mention « Elaborated by the Coopérative X for this – name – winemaker. If this happen before disgorgement, the name of the Coopérative is not mentionned. There’s about 3000 RC in Champagne.


Récoltant-Manipulant, is mentionned on every bottle of champagne from winemaker who cultivate, harvest, vinify and sell their own champagne from A to Z. There are more than 2000 Récoltant-Manipulant in Champagne. The result is wine of producer, with its particular character andpersonality, reflecting then the winemarker’s choice and vision.


Stands for Société de Récoltants, representing the group of winemaker, often from the same family, that joins forces and created a unique company in order to elaborate and sell their bottles. They are quite few in Champagne.

RC, SR and RM are mentioned on the cap with the letter « R »



Stands for Négociant-Distributeur, it means that a distributor sells bottles bought from producers and under its own brand.


Stands for Négociant-Manipulant, it means that a winemaker or a company elaborates champagne in its own cellars : the vinification, the blending and sales. Grapes are sourced from the vine of the Domaine, or can be bought entirely or partially to winemakers. There are 250 Négociant-Manipulant in Champagne, among them the most famous Maisons de Champagne which control 50% of the market.

The code used on caps is the letter « N » for Négociants.


Stands for Marque Auxiliaire, or Marque Acheteur. MA provides information regarding the sourcing of a champagne, with a new label and a brand of distributor, a reseller, a restaurant or a wineshop, sourced from several producers. It is sometime possible to notice « Elaborated by NM-XXX » written on the label, the Négociant-Manipulant and its name allowing then to find the true origine of the champagne. There’s about 3000 MA in Champagne.


Coopérative de Manipulation is a cooperative created by champagne producers that elaborates champagnes from the members’s grape production. There are about 100 CM registered in Champagne.

It is important to remember that the 3 most interesting groups of letters are RM, NM and SR. It is preferable to choose a champagne whose producer and origin is clearly identified, with a name and address, written on the label and not only a registration number. It the producer writes his name, it means that he is proud of his work!

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