« Message on a bottle » from De Venoge Champagne.



For Father’s Day on June 21st or Mothers’s Day on June 7th, or simply to write a kind note to the beloved one, Maison Champagne de Venoge created a special box case « Message on a bottle ».

Maison Champagne de Venoge has an aristocratic heritage whose motto is « Nobility only ». It is famous with its cuvées such as Cordon Bleu and its blue ribbon, symbol and emblem of Ordre du Saint-Esprit (Saint Spirit Order) awarded by King Henry III.

Available on Envie de Champ, « Message on a bottle » boxes include the emblematic cuvée Princes extra brut or the Princesse rosé, accompanied by a water-based, high-end quality and, quick-drying white pen, from the famous spanish brand Montana Colors, the favorite brand of Beaux-Arts students, architects and drawing amateurs such as graffiti ! « The idea of this box came up a year ago when the italian graffiti artist Teo Kaykay dared to draw graffiti on some of our bottles. Success was immediate among collector people. From then, the idea of the Maison de Venoge was to offer everyone the opportunity to write a personal and important message to their beloved » as explained by Gilles Mirosson de la Bassetière, the President of Maison de Venoge.

Cuvée « Princes » extra brut is elaborated only from Premiers and Grands Crus, whose blend is composed of 35% Pinot Noir, 30% Meunier and 35% Chardonnay. Such a great wine for the aperitif, which is characterized by its citrus and delicate spicy pastries notes. The palate is
energetic and develops fruity aromas. A marvelous champagne for the aperitif. Champagne rosé « Princesse » is elaborated from blanc de noirs grape variety located in the heart of Grande and Petite Montagne de Reims. A nectar that explodes on the palate and offers currants and strawberries aromas, just the perfect match with salmon for the aperitif!

You have then the possibility to write or draw a message on this elegant and iconic bottle, with its refined carafe shape recalling Europ’s great Aristocratic families from the early 20th century that were decanting Champagne into crystal bottles.

A personalized message or drawing always highly appreciated and which will become an elegant and delicate Champagne souvenir!

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