Champagne Deutz-Hommage à William Deutz

Hommage à William Deutz 2012

Today, we have the pleasure to share with you a novelty with the William Deutz 2012 Tribute Cuvées: La Côte Glacière and Meurtet. Here are their peculiarities of production and tasting. We let you discover these exceptional champagnes.

The Côte Glacière and Meurtet: exceptional Pinot Noir

These two cuvées, from the 2012 vintage, have the particularity of being single varietal, and fragmented. These two champagnes with limited production are really pure.
When we talk about “monocépage”, we refer to these two pinot noir wines whose power, roundness and complexity make it a unique grape that develops the structure of champagne and a fruity note.
This “cepage” is found in the champagnes of the Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley (Aÿ, Bouzy); from dawn or from the Bar coast. It is also in a parcel of Aÿ that the pinot noirs of these champagnes come from. The Cuvée Meurtet offers us a delicate visual aspect which is accompanied by a fruity fan (cherry) which broadens in the mouth. As for the cuvée “La Côte Glacière”, its coppery robe reveals a taste of yellow fruits and lilacs with immediate exoticism. Amazing taste and visual promises are a really gift when you drink this champagne.

Parcel cuvées champagne

There are two types of cuvées: parcel cuvées and cuvées d’assemblage.
Those ones play with diversity: wines, grape varieties, years and talents. Indeed, the people of Champagne have such a talent for creating and assembling champagne  that it is like art. Our taste are the first to enjoy such mastery.
The parcel cuvées are exceptional for several reasons:

  • they come from a single parcel
  • most of the time, it is vintage champagne and single varietal
  • they are particularly well exposed and they benefit from a micro climate wich is ideal to elaborate a great champagne. 

The culture of wine is here a know-how of exception in a privileged microcosm, optimal conditions. As you understand, these cuvées are very sought because of their unique and rare character. Their limited cultivation at the plot level means that bottle production is as well. Most of the time, these bottles are bought in very limited quantities.

The two cuvées that we present to you today, are at the same time parcellaires and from the excellent vintage 2012. That year was a really amazing for champagne production. Despite a mild weather that reduced yields, the sunny summer allowed a late harvest rich in sugar. The Meurtet and La Côte Glacière vintages are therefore faultless: a pinot noir grape variety, a fabulous 2012 vintage and a rare parcel culture. We can only recommend you to try those champagnes. 

Meal to enjoy with Deutz Champagne

Those champagnes can be enjoyed alone but why don’t you sublimate them with tasty food? Aperitif, dish or dessert here are our suggestions to spend an exceptional moment.

The Cuvée Meurtet will sublimate the flavors of sashimi, lobster or grilled tuna steaks for lovers of the sea. If you definitively love meat, foie gras and cooked poultry will be the perfect allies of your tasting.

Above, we told you about exotic notes of the Côte Glacière wine, so it is natural that we advise you to taste it with Asian cuisine with spicy notes. And if you doesn’t like spices but that you really enjoy great champagnes, you can taste the Côte Glacière with a soft cheese.

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