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A Champagne Lover’s Trip to Épernay

Balloon over Épernay © Photo: S. Köhler

Drinking champagne is always a brilliant choice to be in your happy place. But could there be an even happier place for champagne lovers? Yes, there is one place where every champagne enthusiast would love to enjoy their favorite fizzy drink! Right at the… Continue Reading “A Champagne Lover’s Trip to Épernay”

In the spotlight: Champagne Devaux

Champagne Devaux in Bar-sur-Seine © Photo: Atelier-Demoulin

Finding Champagne Devaux couldn’t be more obvious, yet many people don’t notice the exit. Located right on the busy Route Nationale D671 that leads from Troyes to the viticultural heart of the Côte des Bar, a long wall at the side of the road… Continue Reading “In the spotlight: Champagne Devaux”


Champagne reads for summer holidays

Are you in the middle of packing your bags, searching for your passports, and getting ready for the holidays? If this is the case, then hold off for a minute and leave some room in your bags: we have some bubbly suggestions for your… Continue Reading “3 CHAMPAGNE READS FOR A SPARKLING SUMMER HOLIDAY”

10 Refreshing Low-Dosage Champagnes for the Hottest Summer Days

Refreshing champagne for the summer

Summer is the season of great joy and carefree celebration. It is also the time of the year when we are all craving for refreshment, from crunchy salads and ice cream all the way to a cold drink that lifts our spirit. But what… Continue Reading “10 Refreshing Low-Dosage Champagnes for the Hottest Summer Days”

How do you like your rosé champagne: blended or macerated?

champagne rosé d'assemblage or champagne rosé de saignée

Blue skies, no clouds on the horizon, plenty of sunshine and a lazy weekend, or even holiday, in sight. Sounds like the perfect time to enjoy some juicy rosé champagne! A glass of bright-colored fizz is the most versatile fit for those warm days… Continue Reading “How do you like your rosé champagne: blended or macerated?”

Portrait: Champagne Salon

Champagne Salon © Photo: S. Köhler

Right in the epicenter of Champagne’s Côte des Blancs, the chalky coast known for its mineral, vibrantly tense, and enormously age-worthy Chardonnay, you can find one of the most sought-after champagne houses on the road of the most prestigious Grand Cru villages: Champagne Salon. … Continue Reading “Portrait: Champagne Salon”

Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!

Champagne and barbecue is a sizzling match

Summer has arrived and warm, sunny days leave us daydreaming about joyful outdoor pleasures: light-hearted garden parties, spontaneous bike tours, creative picnics, extended days by the sea, and most of all: barbecues, the smoky-savory happy hours of summer when we bring friends and family… Continue Reading “Barbecue and Champagne: A Sizzling Match!”

In the Spotlight: Champagne Drappier

A peaceful landscape and preserved vineyards surround Champagne Drappier in Urville © Photo: Champagne Drappier

Not far from Burgundy, situated on the calm side roads of the Aube department, the so-called Côte des Bar sub-region of southern Champagne hides a worldwide renowned champagne house in its peaceful, preserved environment: Champagne Drappier in the tiny village of Urville. Far off… Continue Reading “In the Spotlight: Champagne Drappier”

A Champagne Breakfast for Mother’s Day

Champagne breakfast table for Mother's Day

Some say Mother’s Day is nothing but a commercial invention, and others embrace the occasion to celebrate their mothers with a festive day. Fact is: all mothers deserve to be honored for the unconditional love, care, and attention they bless us with, and Mother’s… Continue Reading “A Champagne Breakfast for Mother’s Day”

The Lost Grapes of Champagne: Rediscovering Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris


As true champagne enthusiasts, we usually don’t say many words when a glass of fine champagne floods our palate: clinking glasses, a sound of appreciation, and a short moment with closed eyes sufficiently express our moment of joy. When it comes to more elaborate… Continue Reading “The Lost Grapes of Champagne: Rediscovering Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Pinot Gris”