Roederer Champagne and Philippe Starck : 2012 vintages

Roederer Champagne and Starck

For the third collaboration between the world-famous designer Philippe Starck and the champagne house Louis Roederer, the main ingredients are taken over: celebrate life and passion for champagne. All this is possible with this elegant and vivid 2012 vintage, in Brut Nature and Brut Nature Rosé. But let’s go back to the genesis of this collaboration that was born more than ten years ago.

Philippe Starck : a champagne fan

Phillipe Starck was born in Paris in 1949. His father was an aeronautical engineer. Very early, Philippe Starck is attracted by the design. He will study at Camondo School (specialized in decorative arts). During the 80’s, the designer will become famous. He will indeed design objects of everyday life by collaborating with brands such as Alessi, Kartell or Disform. Since the beginning of his career he has kept two great values ​​in mind: ecology and “democratic design”.

In addition to his passion for design, Philippe Starck says he’s crazy about champagne. According to him, champagne means living life with panache. Champagne remains its drink par excellence. Several houses have also proposed to design their champagne labels. Philippe Starck always gave them the same answer: no …

The collaboration between Roederer house of champagne and Philippe Starck

But how did Maison Roederer and Philippe Starck have finally collaborate? Simply because Philippe Starck was not against the idea of ​​drawing a label, but beyond design, he wanted to participate in the development of the project in its entirety and more specifically in the champagne creation and production. Starck wanted the bottle he was going to design to contain a champagne that looked like him.

Although Philippe Starck is a champagne spécialist, Frédéric Rouzaud (CEO of Maison Louis Roederer) agrees to take up this challenge with the designer. For more than 10 years, this collaboration has been renewed with 3 vintages: 2006, 2009 and now 2012.

The 2012 vintage

So far only one type of champagne was worked by Starck: a brut non-dosed. The novelty on the colloboration for the  2012 vintage : two champagnes, a Brut one and a Rosé one have benefited from this collaboration in their development and in their design.

Beyond the superb labels with a clean, colorful design that are Starck’s trademark, we appreciate the fact that these two champagnes come from the wonderful 2012 vintage. This is a vintage that, despite a difficult climate, has given birth. to one of the best vintages of the decade.

Roederer and Philippe Starck’s Brut Nature Champagne 2012 is crystalline, juicy and uncluttered. Its golden yellow color with green reflections was naturally an inspiration for on the label design and packaging of the bottle. A solar yellow and a silver font for this zero dosage Champagne peach flavors, lemon associated with hazelnut. A unique tasting.

Roederer and Philippe Starck’s Brut Nature Rosé champagne 2012 is a fruity, intense champagne with an orange color and salmon hues. This color inspired Philippe Starck for the label. Its spicy flavors and wild raspberry with bubbles with regular effervescence make it an exceptional pink champagne.

Beyond the collaboration between these exceptional men, specialists in their field, it is the love of champagne that is celebrated.

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