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Ruinart Champagne-Envie de Champagne

There are brands that we do not present any more … Ruinart is one of them. This champagne is known around the world. Each cuvee of the house is very marked by the Chardonnay. This grape variety is the king of the House.

Ruinart Champagne history

The brand claims to be the oldest champagne house, whose creation dates back to 1729. A few years earlier, Dom Thierry Ruinart, a benedictine monk has been hearing many echoes about a “bubble wine” that generates enormous enthusiasm in social evenings. He is convinced that this drink has a bright future and he shares his enthusiasm with his family, especially his nephew, Nicolas, who will be behind the creation of Maison Ruinart. This visionary aspect is characteristic of the house, and only 35 years after its creation, it develops and markets rosé champagne.

The house develops its activity and acquires “crayères”, located under the city of Reims. These are quarries in which the chalk is used. At the end of exploitation, they are used in particular for the cultivation of mushrooms (Paris ones) or as champagne cellar. The wine thus matures slowly and optimally.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the house will have a difficult time. It will also be bought by Moët and Chandon in 1963. The two houses will subsequently be bought by the LVMH group in 1987. Despite this integration into a large group, the brand retains a strong identity and autonomy that has led to the success that she meets today.

Ruinart nowadays history

It is in the 80s that the brand will make a turn that has contributed to its current growth. The cellar master Jean-François Barot, will rethink the Ruinart cuvées around the Chardonnay which will become the common thread of the whole range. Their champagne Blanc de Blancs will become the emblem of the success of the House. This shift takes place both in terms of the development of champagnes and in their marketing, with prestige bottles that will enhance the image of the brand in the early 2000s. This qualitative policy has allowed the brand to experience this great success that continues year after year.

It is now the cellar master Frédéric Panaïotis (in place since 2007), who provides to champagne lovers the quality and fineness of these cuvées. The Ruinart style is recognized worldwide, and the demand is such that it is sometimes difficult at the end of the year to find all the available cuvées …

If you wish to discover the exceptional history of this House, it is possible to visit the chalk pits in which the Ruinart champagnes are stored. These galleries are listed as World Heritage by UNESCO since 2015!

Ruinart champagnes: emblematic cuvées

The famous Blanc de Blancs from Ruinart

This iconic champagne is inseparable from the brand where the Chardonnay reigns supreme. Fineness, refinement, aromatic power are reuniteed. It is a 100% Chardonnay champagne that is drunk cool as an aperitif and you can keep up to 3 years. Given the transparency of the bottles, it will be necessary to keep the blanc de blancs Ruinart Champagne in the dark. It is presented in beautiful bottles that are replicas of conservation bottles of the XVIIIe century.

Ruinart R and Rosé: Between deep effervescence and freshness

The R Cuvée is the expression of the specific taste of the Ruinart house. The champagne bubbles are supported, the dress is shiny with beautiful yellow highlights. This balanced champagne, round and fresh will accompany you as an aperitif.

The Rosé of the Ruinart house, with its singular orange color, is sublimated by its fruity taste and with a lot of consistency. It is with a gazpacho or gambas (slightly spicy) that the aromas of this rosé champagne will be revealed.

Dom Ruinart Champagne: A mythical prestige vintage

This prestigious cuvée Dom Ruinart is a homage to the monk founder of the house. It is in 1966 that this vintage is marketed, with the vintage 1959. The vintage Dom Ruinart, 100% Grands Crus, consists mainly of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vinified in red, from the Côte des Blancs and the Montagne de Reims. Dom Ruinart ages on average 10 years. It is from this patience that arises the aromatic complexity of this prestige vintage.

As you can see, Ruinart is a symbol of know-how and lifestyle. The fame of this champagne house is certainly due to its history but also to the quality and the requirement that is renewed from year to year in the development of these exceptional champagnes.


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