Champagne Day: A Day to Celebrate Your Love for Champagne

People celebrating Champagne Day

Have you already planned something on October 28? If your calendar is still free, we recommend drawing a huge X on this day. And if your day is already booked, try to sneak in an hour or two that you can dedicate to effervescent pleasure – because October 28 is #ChampagneDay. And who would want to miss the most sparkling day of the year?

There are two major things to know about Champagne Day in case you’ve never heard about this event before:

  1. Champagne Day happens every year on the fourth Friday of October. In 2022, this happens to be Friday, October 28th.
  2. Champagne Day doesn’t follow any specific tradition or protocol. Make it yours and celebrate your love for champagne however you like and wherever you desire to be. 


How Champagne Day Was Born

Champagne Day was born in 2009, when Californian Blogger Chris Oggenfuss called out for a special day to celebrate the love for champagne. With a huge community of champagne lovers out there on the internet, the hashtag #champagneday quickly gained traction among champagne enthusiasts. 

More and more people joined the Champagne Day celebration over the years, posting photos of their favorite bubbly and sharing champagne moments and stories from all corners of the globe. 

Ultimately, Champagne Days has become so popular that the Comité Champagne has added an official page to their website, offering a platform for restaurants, wine shops, wine schools, etc. to add their special Champagne Day events to the calendar and promote it to a global community of champagne lovers. 

Fans of the most prestigious bubbly can search the calendar of online and offline events to find interesting champagne tastings, champagne menus, champagne masterclasses, or champagne cellar visits via the official Champagne day website.


Hand pouring champagne into a glass for Champagne Day


How to Celebrate Champagne Day

As a champagne lover, you probably have your personal favorites when it comes to how you like to enjoy your favorite cuvées. And luckily, the sparkling king of wines adapts flawlessly to a myriad of places, scenarios, cuisines, and people. 

At Envie de Champagne, we take just as much pleasure in sharing our favorite discoveries with other champagne-minded friends as we enjoy uncorking a bottle for a quiet, cozy night on the terrace or on the sofa.

If you prefer to indulge in the festive and joyful atmosphere of this special day, you can also join a champagne event in your town, or even organize a special tasting at your house.  


Champagne Recommendations for Champagne Day

Each champagne will be a suitable match for this occasion, which leaves plenty of room for imagination and inspiration. Treat yourself to a classic non-vintage blend, a refreshingly crisp Blanc de Blancs, a dark-fruited Blanc de Noirs, a delicately perfumed rosé, or a powerful rosé de saignée champagne – any of those will turn the day into a sparkling festivity.

However, we can’t hold back sharing a few confidential favorites for special occasions that are a magic treat and will surprise even the most experienced champagne palates:

  • Champagne Deutz Amour de Deutz 2011: Amour de Deutz is a wonderfully floral and delicate champagne that incorporates the right dose of tradition and juicy freshness to float on top of cloud champagne all throughout a festive afternoon or evening.
  • Champagne Jacquesson Dizy Terres Rouges 2013: It’s rare to find a champagne lover who doesn’t know Champagne Jacquesson’s Cuvée 700, but the confidential single-vineyard cuvée from the champagne house’s Dizy terroirs will wow even the geekiest palate.  


Champagne Day celebrations and clinking glasses


The Perfect Champagne Day Tasting at Home

Gathering your champagne loving peers for Champagne Day is a wonderful way to organize a tasting and sip your way through the delicious diversity that the Champagne region offers.

If you have a network of passionate champagne friends and prefer a hassle-free tasting event, you can ask every invitee to bring a bottle of champagne along with a favorite snack to match their cuvée of choice. The more people you invite, the more diverse your tasting will become and there will be plenty of cuvées to taste and experiences to share.

As the host, you can also surprise your invitees by serving a bottle or two of Coteaux Champenois or Rosé des Riceys. This will add even more tasteful discoveries to the table.

With all these tips in mind, there’s nothing left but to raise your glass to the finest bubbly. Cheers!


Surprise: Win a Bottle of Champagne for Champagne Day 2022

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