Which champagne for your christmas meal ?

Which champagne for your christmas dinner _Envie de Champ

Chaammmmpppaaaaagnnnne! For any great festive occasion, champagne is the ultimate drink. The end of year festivities are therefore inseparable from this beverage with its golden and effervescent color.

Champagne: the year-end meals star

We know the aura of champagne, but how did we get there? Historically, who raised champagne to the rank of party drink? It was at the time of Clovis that it started. He has been crowned king in Reims. In order to celebrate his coronation, it is the local drink, namely the champagne wine that was served at the banquet. So far as the kings of France were subsequently crowned in Reims, the tradition continued and was strengthened by Louis XIV.

He  loved luxury and prestige, so he naturally associated champagne with celebrations. He also allowed the transport of champagne in bottle and not in barrels as it was the case until then. The champagne producers were already promoting their bottles with personalities of the time such as Marie-Antoinette.

The champagne will go through the ages as a symbol of French luxury. It is therefore natural that for special occasions such as the end of the year, buying champagne is a tradition.

Champagne pairings with your party dishes

In the same way as champagne, some dishes are great classics of end-of-year meals. However, some types of champagnes go better with certain dishes that you will enjoy.

Here’s a brief recap of our tips for best matching your Christmas Eve menu with champagne

  • foie gras: a demi-sec champagne
  • oysters and shells: an extra-brut champagne
  • poultry (capon or turkey): a blanc de noirs champagne
  • fresh salmon and fish: a blanc de blancs champagne
  • lobster or lobster: an extra-brut Blanc de Blancs champagne

Did you recognize your favorite foods here for your Christmas or New Year’s Eve meal? So, it’s time to choose your champagne and put it in the fridge. Finally, if your table has more than 6 people, your choice can be to a large container such as a magnum (the equivalent of 2 standard bottles) or a jeroboam (the equivalent of 4 bottles) for example. A large container is always impressive on a party table …

Christmas recipes with champagne

And if in addition to tasting champagne, you enjoyed yourself with a recipe based on champagne? Indeed, it can be one of the main ingredients of your recipe. A non-vintage brut champagne will be perfect to elaborate these recipes.

If you are more fond of fish, scallops with champagne sauce are an excellent match. The tender flesh of Saint Jacques will be sublimated by champagne. If you prefer poultry, capon and turkey are very popular at Christmas. Recipes based on champagne make it an exceptional fricassee. For each of these recipes count between 30 and 50 cl of champagne. You will have the opportunity to serve you a flute of champagne during the preparation of the meal.

A nice taste of party !

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